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July 22, 2009
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Schoolgirl Ray characters comparison -

The first collumn is the very first image of the character - along with the date of the creation. The second one is a character in his/her normal look. And the last one is, of course, Schoolgirl Ray chibi style.

~~~If you have more time to kill you can read on~~~

Dear Schoolgirl Ray readers, thanks for all of your constant support (even if some of you are in read-only reply-never mode). It's a great joy for me to hear what you think of the latest strip every day. So here I give you some background story and trivias of these characters. ;)


For the first image of hers, I drew the lines in Microsoft Paint with curve tool and mouse. It was one of the first CGs I've ever done.

Back then she was a rebelious witch studying at a magic school. Sounds familiar? Yeah I was a Harry Potter fan.

I dropped her story after realizing I was copying JK Rowling. But I liked this name. Thus I revived her in a different identity later.


She was created originally by my ex-friend. Ray was part of this friend's name. I drew a lot of this kitty back then. Then our relationship/friendship/contact-ship ended in a very sour way.

Around that time, I got a chance to publish 4-panel comics on newspaper. It was very sudden, and I couldn't think of any characters to draw other than this kitty. So I changed it a little, and Ray the Kitty series was born in a rush.

I kept the name Ray to give a nod to the original creator - The person who, in the very last email to me, said that "Ray the Kitty" series was "a constipation-like comic that makes people not knowing whether to laugh or to feel lame".

I never replied, but I mind this sentence A LOT. Sometimes I just feel I should draw better to prove it's wrong. But a good thing is, I'm able to see Ray differently from the person I hated with a passion. Ray always makes me happy when I draw her smile =)


The first picture was screaming "Tsubasa". I know, I know... I was easily influenced back then. Even the name was not original - Quino was a famous Agentina cartoon artist. I respect him a lot, but I like the name even more =P

Anyway I tried to give Quino an original backstory to make him less copycat-ish. He was a cursed man whose reflection in the mirror/glass was always a demon, not himself. And his constant smile was actually fake. [If you want to read more, see here [link]

He was created together with Orinca. He worked as Orinca's technician and partner.


My online ID is Ocarina. This Orinca name was actually a typo from an online friend who was not very familiar with me and not good at English. I thought it sounds pretty neat, and decide to use it. =)

She was originally a cyborg assassin. She was sold to the government's secret organization by her parents when she's young, because her parents were in need of money. In the organization she was modified and trained to be a killer.

Btw, eventually later I realized I knew nothing about being a killer, so I reseted the plot setup and started something new.


Shone was created to be Orinca's rival-turned-friend. In one of Orinca's missions, she needs to kill Shone's father, the mafia boss. That's how they met each other. Yawn, so hollywood.

Shone was originally a cold-blooded girl who rarely smiles. She had a snake tattoo on her left arm, as "snake" was her father's symbol. She could summon ghosts, and had two guardian ghosts protecting her.

Once she saw a photo of Quino and some other guys, on her father's desk. She asked her father and he lied that Quino was her older brother (The truth was that her father was trying to trace down and kill Quino/Orinca before they kill him). Later when Quino/Orinca came to assassinate her family, she was really confused.

Though I planned she and Orinca to be friends, somehow in the story I wrote, she's killed by Orinca in the end. Guess it would be a better way out for her too...


He was created solely for Ray the Kitty comic. Not much change for him comparing to the others. Though in Ray the Kitty comic, he doesn't have special feelings to Ray.

I had a hard time trying to make his hairstyle constant.

Rolin and Zeto

These two were created together as rivals. They were from different countries, but were schoolmates during university. At first they didn't like each other, but slowly became friends.

After graduating, they went their seperate ways. Zeto returned to his own country to serve the army. Rolin was good at technology, and eventually worked for the government's science department. Years later, the two countries started war. Rolin and Zeto met again, friends no more, but just trying to outwit / use one another.

The trouble was, Zeto loved Rolin back in school days (I...I thought that at least I should try one YAOI story......). Rolin didn't know it, until they met again as enemies. He's straight, but he planned to make use of this yaoi thingy.

What he did was: he requested a private negotiation with Zeto, so they met in a bar one evening. During drinks, Rolin pretended that he was half-drunk and began to mention the good old school days. When Zeto was in a yesterday-once-more mood, Rolin leaned over and kissed him.

Wait, let me vomit some blood first. Couldn't help it... Everytime I thought of this plot and I wanna kill myself.

Then, cough cough, then Rolin hinted that Zeto to go to his house. As soon as Zeto stepped into the door, Rolin's troops ambushed and captured him.


Her original name was "Rokki", as she was initially Rolin's sister. She was a harmless girl, and loved Zeto quietly in all those years.

Some papparazzi took the photo of Rolin kissing Zeto in that bar, and published it on the front page. When Lukki saw it, she was totally shattered.

Whew. Okay, end of my confession. Kudos to anyone who reads everything. Seemed that all my old stories were quite sad. I definitely felt much happier drawing Schoolgirl Ray.
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Litle-Noa Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
haha i see where the name tot came from XD
YoungLink19 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2010
*Insert complete shock and silence here*

This is.... much, musch different from what I expect to find. Anyway, given this backstory, I'm more than glad to see Schoolgirl Ray came to be what it is now. I definitely felt much happier reading Schoolgirl Ray (lol shameless copying).

Umm, individual character comment?
The first drawing of Veda doesn't look anything like her appearance now. Guess the distant history gives more room for her to be recreatred.
Ray... let's just say I like the end result in both of your running comics. I like her cheery smile!
Quino looks so secretive even in Schoolgirl Ray. But by smiling a lot himself, I guess that somewhat turned him to be a happy guy? In Schoolgirl Ray, the teacher role fits him a lot, and I laughed whenever I see him in the comics. Must be his constant smile.
Can't imagine "Orinca" and "killer" in the same sentence, haha. She looks very ordinary in Schoolgirl Ray, perhaps except when Veda provokes her.
Shone's story... gave me much shock. Fortunately, there is no trace of that backstory in Schoolgirl Ray. She's my favorite character there. Looking adorable with a hint of cunningness.
Toto is much different in personality between Ray the Kitty and Schoolgirl Ray.His feeling for Ray blinded him? XD
Rolin's side didn't look much different in graphical style, I guess. Even the part with Zeto loving Rolin is totally imaginable, haha. And I think Rolin in overprotective of his sister in Schoolgirl Ray.

...Wish you good luck in your future, whether it's with your comics or on other matters. Reading your story made me feel you're a respectable artist.
Hexereii Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
Mmm...smexy middle Rolin..~w~
ocarina-CD Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009   Digital Artist
lol XD
Hexereii Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
What? It is smexy.
Nichtschwert Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2009
Wow. There's more hidden beneath the surface~.
ocarina-CD Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2009   Digital Artist
yeah it's hard for me to come out with a new character, and when I got one, I thought a lot about him/her. =) Then in schoolgirl ray, everything's more or less simplified.
Nichtschwert Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
Interesting. I got loads and loads of characters... But many are very much alike...
KwartzKitten Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009  Student General Artist
*sniff* they grow up so fast...
ocarina-CD Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009   Digital Artist
nono, they kida grow "down" cos now they're all in chibi versions. =P
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